Fringe Season 4 Episode 17 “Everything in its right place” (Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

Episode 17 “Everything in its right place” has a real treat in store for viewers with a whole episode finally being focussed on Lincoln Lee and a visit to the parallel universe. Very refreshing and very needed. I’ve said before that both Lincoln and Astrid needed some character development, and here is Lincoln’s turn!!! Yay! I was getting a little worried forLincoln’s character as the producers seemed to be spending so much time showing us Lincoln pining for Olivia, and I felt he was starting to become a bit of a wet character.

Anyway, the main crux of the story is that Lincoln visits the parallel universe to initially share intel on David Robert Jones, but ends up getting involved in solving a case concerning a shapeshifter with a twist (turns out to be the first shapeshifter Jones created with some weird tube contraption coming out of his mouth to shapeshift!)! The trip was originally assigned to Astrid, but as our Olivia forgets more and more of her interactions with Lincoln before Peter came along (including moments that meant a lot to Lincoln), Lincoln pleads with Broyles to let him go, so he could have some time away. Obviously Lincoln comes face to face again with his alternate, Capitan Lee (Fauxlivia’s partner), and as the two of them talk, they realise that their lives had similar paths, and both wonder why they ended up being such different people.

The parallel Fringe team, with the help of Lincoln, come across a “den” with loads of dead people, but it seems that the shapeshifter has also been hiding there. After some investigating, they find out that the vigilante is called Canaan, who after trusting the wrong man, David Robert Jones, became a shapeshifter after being promised a better more meaningful life, and part of Jones’ plan for a new breed of better humans! After being finally captured by the parallel Fringe team, Lincoln talks to Canaan who confides in Lincoln that he needed to feel wanted and special, which he hadn’t in the past. Jones promised him that, and even though Lincoln tries to persuade him otherwise and that he is just another pawn in Jones’ bigger plan, Canaan remains loyal to Jones.

Meanwhile, parallel Broyles goes into traitor mode and warns parallel Nina that they have captured Canaan, and gives her the address of where they are holding him. A sniper turns up, and as the Fringe team lead Canaan out of the building, the sniper attacks, wounding Captain Lee in the process, but Fauxlivia manages to kill the sniper in what I have to say was an excellent shot! (and Anna Torv really was on form this week as Fauxlivia – definitely my favourite one!!)

As they rush Captain Lee off to the hospital, they become suspicious of how the sniper knew the location of Canann, instantly assuming that someone in the Fringe division leaked it it can only be a matter of time before Broyles is exposed surely???). Now that Canaan realises that he is disposable to Jones’, Lincoln manages to convince him that the Fringe team can help him. They come up with a plan to get Canaan to shapeshift into the sniper’s body and send him off to see parallel Nina, causing a security breach, and resulting in Nina being taken into custody!!! A little too simple, don’t you think!!!!

Meanwhile, Fauxlivia is informed that Captain Lee didn’t make it and at the end of the episode, after delivering Canaan back to our universe as promised so that Walter could help him, he goes back to see Fauxlivia and offers his help to her while she grieves for Captain Lee.

I loved this episode, and thought both Lincoln’s were superb, just such a shame that Captain Lee had to die, but then again, it paves the way for our Lincoln to cross over and join the parallel side, particularly as there is now a vacancy in the team with Lee dead, and Lincoln has proved his investigatory skills (although parallel Broyles might see this as a threat to him!!). At the end of the day, what has he got waiting for him in our universe? His heart is always going to break at the sight of Olivia and Peter together, and there did seem to be an element of chemistry between Fauxlivia and Lincoln, especially at the end of the episode.

And, Fauxlivia and Captain Lee (even though Lee obviously has feelings for Fauxlivia as we’ve seen in previous episodes) looked like they were never destined to be together, but it was different between Olivia and Lincoln before Peter came along. So in a funny sort of way, will Fauxlivia and Lincoln fall for each other??? We’ll just have to wait and see. And will it unbalance things again??? Was Captain Lee always destined to die and therefore willLincolnbeing on the parallel side cause disruption!!! Or is the fact that Lincoln would have ended up with Olivia if Peter hadn’t come along meant that due to a shift in balance, Lincoln needs to be with an Olivia, which led to the death of Captain Lee in order to balance things out again???? Is there a clue in the title of the episode??? Questions, questions?? I just wonder if this is the handy work of the Observers…..

Another part of the story which I thought was brilliant, was the idea that bothLincoln’s had led exactly the same lives but had both turned out very differently. Captain Lee’s take on it was that he chose to be the man that he is, and therefore he was! So it was personal choice that took him on a particular path!!! I thought this was really interesting, and just wondered if this is going to be important in the grand scheme of things…….

Finally, did anyone else thing that parallel Astrid was going to confront parallel Broyles when it turned out in fact she was delivering the news about Capitan Lee???? I really thought she was going to say something about a mole in Fringe and that by her calculations, it had to be him!!!! I have to say I was a little disappointed that she didn’t!!

By Kirsty Wavish

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