Guy Pearce set to join cast of ‘Iron Man 3’!!!

Guy Pearce is really making a name for himself right now, and to be honest I am a little confused as to why it has taken this long.  Pearce is a terrific actor, and ever since taking everyone by surprise with his phenomenal role in the classic L.A Confidential, the actor has been churning out some superb films, but for some reason has never quite broke into the mainstream. Films like Ravenous, Memento, Animal Kingdom,Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, The King’s Speech and The Proposition have all seen the actor shine, and in smaller roles such as The Hurt Locker, the Aussie star has brought some superb characterisation to his roles. His film Lockout, which I will be reviewing later on tonight, has shown that Pearce is just as brilliant in an action role, and news he will be joining Iron Man 3 is very welcome.

News broke a few weeks back that Sir Ben Kingsley would be joining director Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 as a villain, and news has recently broke about Guy Pearce also joining the film. Be warned though, the character he will be playing could be seen as a spoiler, so if you are not interested in knowing too much about the plot, then please, DO NOT READ ON:

It has been said that Iron Man 3 will draw its story from Warren Ellis’ Iron Man: Extremis six-issue run, and it will involve Tony Stark (a returning Robert Downey Jr) dabbling with ‘Nanotechnology’. According to Variety, Guy Pearce is in talks to play the role of Aldrich Killian, the geneticist who created Nanotechnology. A new threat is brought to Iron Man as terrorists get hold of the Nanotechnology, and at this moment in time, we can only presume the terrorists will be run by Sir Ben Kingsley.

With both Don Cheadle and Gwyneth Paltrow both returning, shooting is expected to begin in North Carolina next month. Iron Man 3 is slated for release on May 3rd 2013.

More on this as it develops.

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