HCF Videogames: Brief News Round Up

HCF takes a look at what grabbed their attention this week, taking in a record breaking sequel and the return of everyone’s favourite fat plumber.

The sequel to 2009’s addictive Xbox Live Arcade title, Trials HD was released this week, not only to critical acclaim, but became the biggest selling XBLA game on release ever. Selling an estimated 120,000 copies in its first day, Trials Evolution surpassed expected demand, so much so that the servers were beyond capcity, causing leaderboard issues. Developer Red Lynx, swiftly responded, adding more servers, so things are running smoothly once more.  The motorcycle obstacle course is one of those ‘just one more go’ games. Easy to pick up, extremely difficult to put down. It’s every bit as brilliant as Trials HD, and with added multiplayer, beating your friends has never been so compulsive!

In Nintendo news, either they have faith in the summer months, or they are getting some of their key 3DS titles out of the way in time for its big WiiU launch towards the end of the year, as this week it was announced that the 3DS will see the release of New Super Mario Bros. 2, in August! The original was a surprisingly refreshing release, taking the plumber back to his roots in the remarkable side scrolling platformer, with some superb 3d visuals. This time around, it looks like we’ll be revisiting the power ups of Super Mario Bros. 3, with a return of the famous raccoon tail. There’s been little else announced in terms of content, but hopefully it’s more of the same, and more enjoyable than the just reasonably decent Super Mario 3D Land.

Fans of Capcom have got something to look forward to with the forthcoming Dragon’s Dogma, the rather grand looking RPG/Adventure title out  towards the end of next month (25th of May to be exact). Not only does it look wonderfully violent, and seem to be shaping up to be a good game, but included with the game is a demo of the hugely anticipated Resident Evil 6, which is not due out until October (although the demo isn’t actually playable for sometime after DD’s release)! Now a demo shouldn’t sole reason to buy a game on a whim, but it’s worked in the past, (Resident Evil Directors Cut came with a demo of RE2, and Zone of the Enders sold by the bucket load thanks to the enclosed Metal Gear Solid 2 demo disc) so I can see the game shifting a fair amount of units come the release of the demo.

Right, time to get back to Trials Evolution.

Just hook it to my veins!


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