LATEST FILM NEWS: Ah yes, the dreaded SUSPIRIA remake to start filming in SEPTEMBER

Matt usually does the news but at the moment he is on the floor, crying and weeping like I was when Halloween was going to be remade.

You see he loves Suspiria like I love Haddonfield and today’s news that Suspiria is going to start fliming in September has left him quite shaken.

The odd choice of director David Gordon Green, yes he of Pineapple Express, TV’s Eastbound And Down and Your Highness, a film that hardly found love in the HCF Office will push ahead with his remake of Dario Argento’s 1977 masterpiece, and we already have our hearts full of dread

 With only a few months left now before shooting begins, it will only be a matter of weeks before we start getting cast details and of course we let you know soon as we hear, but already there is backlash developing in some quarters but sorry guys, the deal is done, the contract is signed and this is going ahead.

What strikes me with interest is the critical acclaim of Black Swan that shows there could be a market for yet another horror Ballet.  Could the success of that stunning Nataile Portman film pave the way for a successful redo?

Ross Hughes


Ross Hughes
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  1. I was actually hoping this Suspiria news was some savage nightmare, turns out it was actually real, I didn’t wake up in a cold sweet, and now I actually want to kill myself! Horrible, horrible news!

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