LATEST FILM NEWS: Scott chases PG 13 Rating for PROMETHEUS and claims the film is nothing like ALIEN

Ridley Scott has talked more about the arrival of Prometheus and claims the film is nothing like Alien.

“Are there parallels to be drawn? No. The dynamics are entirely different.” Scott told Total Film and claims that they are two totally different films even though he once admitted that the two films do occupy the same general universe.

Also and in news that will put a sad face on fans, Scott that he is determined for the film to be a box office success, and may pursue a PG-13 rating. Alien was an R Rating but in the modern world, a lower tame rating means a much likely success even though this will make many unhappy that we could be having a kid friendly movie.

Noomi Rapace who plays Elizabeth Shaw in the film has suggested that there are similarities between her character and Alien‘s heroine Ripley Sigourney Weaver

“I’d say, yes, there are similarities, though I think my character is a bit more feminine, maybe. My character and Dr Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) are the ones who discover something on Earth that gives us the last possible piece to go out on this journey. So, I’m carrying more on a personal level than Ripley did.”

Expect more news on Prometheus every day until the release of the film!


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