Malcolm McDowell talks about his role in ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ remake, and we have a trailer for his new film, ‘Suing The Devil’

Ah Malcolm McDowell, you gotta love him haven’t you. The British actor’s workload is astonishing, and over the past two years he has been involved in more films than I have probably had hot dinners, and he just keeps at it! We reported last week that a remake was on the cards for the classic 80’s slasher, Silent Night, Deadly Night. The remake, directed by Steven C. Miller (The Aggression Scale), is now simply called Silent Night, and McDowell is due to star in the film as Sheriff Cooper, the small town sheriff who has to deal with a murderous Santa. We have a snippet of an interview McDowell recently had with IFC below.

Not only that, but I thought now would be a good time to share a bizarre trailer with you for one of McDowell’s other films, Suing the Devil, where McDowell plays old Big Red himself! Firstly though, the interview:

McDowell stars in Silent Night, which will be directed by Steven C. Miller and Richard Saperstein (The Mist), Brian Witten (Chernobyl Diaries) and Shara Kay (The Barrens) will be producing. The film is expected to start shooting next month in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

“I’m the good guy,” McDowell said “And I’m chasing the bad Santa.”

For an actor so accustomed to roles that are the antithesis of the “good guy” it will be a welcome respite from the rigors of always having to be the “bad guy.”

“Yeah,” added McDowell. “That’s one of the reasons I wanted to do it. I’m happy to do it and I hope it’s going to be good.”

Don’t expect McDowell to incorporate any ideas from Charles E. Sellier Jr.’s original film, though, because he’s never seen them.

“No, I haven’t,” he said. “And I’m not going to.”

Now, let’s take a look at McDowell’s new film, Suing the Devil, but let me warn you the trailer is long, and very bizarre. However, McDowell appears to be relishing his role as Satan, and in fact I couldn’t think of anyone better suited for the part. Check it out after the synopsis below:

Suing the Devil is directed and written by Timothy A. Chey and stars Malcolm McDowell, Shannen Fields, Corbin Bernsen and Tom Sizemore.


Luke O’Brien, a washed-up salesman turned night law student, decides to sue Satan for $8 trillion dollars. On the last day before Luke files a default judgment, Satan appears to defend himself. On Satan’s legal team are 10 of the country’s best trial lawyers. The entire world watches on Legal TV to see who will win the Trial of the Century.


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