New theatrical trailer and poster revealed for disturbing thriller, ‘In The House of Flies’

Canadian director Gabriel Carrer (PGC) (If A Tree Falls) has just finished production on his latest film, In the House of Flies. In celebration of completing and getting set to hit the festivals, a brand new theatrical trailer and unsettling teaser poster have both been revealed, and we have them both here for you.

The trailer is pretty disturbing, so prepare yourself, but it does look very good. There is a real intensity to the trailer, and thankfully it does not give too much away, which is how we like it. The film stars Lindsay Smith, Ryan Kotack and the legendary Henry Rollins.


June 1988… Summer Was Never The Same.

In the House of Flies tells the story of young lovers whose lives are inadvertently changed forever. An innocent couple, Heather (Smith) and Steve (Kotack), suddenly find themselves abducted. By whom? For what purpose? Alone, isolated, and locked in an undisclosed, suburban basement, Heather and Steve find themselves pawns in a psychological mind game with their diabolical hosts.

Surrounded by several mysterious and locked suitcases – each containing valuable clues to their very own survival – Heather and Steve must exploit what remains of their bruised intellect and depleting sanity to escape the authority of their unidentified and brutal abductors (Rollins and Barrett). From this day forward, summer was never the same.

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(Source: Dread Central)

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