Oh my!!! Emma Watson all grown up in some set photo’s from Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Bling Ring’

Sofia Coppola returns to directing after 2010’s Somewhere with a slightly more commercial film that could go either way in its success. It should please the indie crowd, and just might be a hit with teens as well. Called The Bling Ring, the true story looks at how a gang of youngsters went on a robbing spree of famous celebrities, particularly targeting Paris Hilton.

Emma Watson, fresh out of Harry Potter, stars as one of the gang, and recently she was snapped while on set of the film which is shooting on Venice, California. I am sure you will agree looking at these snaps that Potter’s brainy wizard has certainly grown up, and she appears to be extremely confident with her looks.

Also starring in the film is Kirsten Dunst, Leslie Mann, Taissa Farmiga, Nina Siemaszko, Gavin Rossdale, Katie Chang and Maika Dillon Monroe. The film looks at the gang who went by a number of names including The Bling Ring, The Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch and simply the Burglar Bunch, who between October 2008 and August 2009, robbed celebrities and earned $3 million on cash and belongings.

Indiewire described some of the characters:

Marc (Broussard), a fashion-obsessed 16-year-old kid who starts at a new high school (based on Burglar Bunch member Nick Prugo), and quickly falls in with a Korean-American girl named Rebecca. It’s Rebecca (a character based on the real life figure Rachel Lee, and will presumably be played by newcomer Katie Chang) who’s the ringleader of the group, and arguably the female lead, while we suspect that Watson’s playing Nicki, a pretty teen with an ex-Playboy model mother (to be played by Mann) who schools her two daughters on the importance of finding fame.

“Wanna be thug” Chloe (possibly Farmiga’s part) and Nicki’s boyfriend, the Mexican bouncer Rob (presumably Miranda’s role), fall in with the gang, and soon they’re scouring gossip sites for the whereabouts of their favorite celebs, breaking and entering when they’re away and taking clothes, cash, naked photos and even a gun (from Brian Austin Green, of all people), using their spoils to finance a hard-partying, coke-snorting lifestyle, with little regard for the possibility of getting caught.

The Bling Ring is due for release next year.

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  1. Emma Watson é uma “periguete” livre, leve e solta no novo filme de Sofia Coppola!

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