Rob Zombie takes time out from ‘The Lords of Salem’ to direct awesome ant killer commercial

The Lords of Salem is without doubt one of my most anticipated horrors of the year, I simply cannot wait to see what Rob Zombie comes up with! However, while wrapping post-production on the massive horror film, Zombie found the time to direct some commercials for Amdro ant bait. The first of the commercials is called ‘Death Note’ and we have it right here for you to enjoy.

This is not Zombie’s first adventure in TV commercials, last year he directed a commercial for a clothes detergent, click here to watch it. In his new commercial, it is all about killing ants, and you will probably recognise the star, horror icon Clint Howard. Fearnet had all the details:

“While Rob’s still involved in postproduction on his feature film The Lords of Salem (no premiere date has been set so far), he’s demonstrating his multi-tasking skills by helming a series of commercials for… wait for it… Amdro ant bait. You gotta hand it to the makers of Amdro for getting right down to it and embracing microscopic mass murder, and Zombie certainly knows his way around a grisly cinematic scenario on any scale. But that’s just half the fun: portraying the massacre’s mastermind is none other than cult icon Clint Howard!”

(Source: Fearnet)

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