Shawn Holmes’ intelligent thriller ‘Memory Lane’ to debut at London’s Sci-Fi Film Festival’

Shawn Holmes’ mind bending thriller, Memory Lane, has been compared to such classics as Primer, Memento and Flatliners, and with comparisons like that, this film is impossible to ignore.

Memory Lane is all set to make its premiere at the London Sci-Fi Film Festival on Sunday 6th May, and we here at HCF wish the director, writer, editor, sound and cinematographer man, Shawn Holmes, the best of luck. The man who pretty much created everything about this film should be very excited about how well his film will go down at the festival, as it is already gaining some superb word of mouth.

Memory Lane stars Michael Guy Alen, Meg Barrick and Julian Curi. Check out the impressive trailer below:


“It follows Nick, a war veteran, who falls deeply in love with free-spirited Kayla. When she is found dead, Nick is devastated, and tries to kill himself, but his friends bring him back to life. Nick discovers in those vital moments between life and death that his mind can travel back in time to his last moments with Kayla – and, in doing so, can gather clues about her mysterious death. With the help of his friends, a bath tub of water, and a power socket, Nick set out to recreate those moments so that he can try and find Kayla’s killer… by killing himself over and over and over again.”

By Matt Wavish

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