So now Gary Ross COULD be directing Catching Fire? Who the Hell knows what is going on?

After all the drama over the weekend that Hunger Games director Gary Ross has pulled out of directing the sequel, Catching Fire, now websites are claiming these rumours to not be true at all. Dread Central said that the rumours were indeed just that, however Deadline is now reporting that sources on the inside are stating that the news over the weekend of Ross’ exit from the franchise are false.

No one really knows what to believe, and here is proof that we really shouldn’t jump on a story until there is official confirmation. Gary Ross is currently enjoying a much needed holiday, so he may not even have any idea of the frenzy that has been going on in his absence. Even if he does, he is on holiday, so hopefully on his return there will be some sort of official word on just exactly what he is doing. If anything he needs to make things clear just to stop all this “will he or won’t he” nonsense.

With Catching Fire due to begin filming in a few short months, a director (if it is not Ross) needs to be found sharpish. The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence is due to begin filming the X-Men: First Class sequel in January, and time is short. I guess it would be nice to see Ross back, he did do a great job with The Hunger Games, but if only he can keep his camera still this time.

Expect much more on this story as it develops, and hopefully there will be some sort of official word very soon?

By Matt Wavish

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