Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake is still looking for its main villain, but may have found him in Sharlto Copley

I have said all I want to say on my disgust at the remake of Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy. I am not for it, am totally against it, but for some God damned reason, I cannot help but be ever so slightly intrigued by what Lee does with it. I worry that I may watch the film (if indeed it ever actually gets past the casting stage!) and want to hate it so much that I end up liking it.

There is one big, massive reason that I am actually wanting to see it, and that is the casting of Josh Brolin as the lead character. Brolin will play the part so brilliantly played by Choi Min-sik in the classic original version. Just how close to the original film Lee intends to play his remake I don’t know, but seeing Brolin take on 50 odd blokes with hammers and bats in a small corridor should make for great viewing!

Not only does the casting of Brolin excite me, but so does the recent casting of Sundance Queen, Elizabeth Olsen. The lesser known Olsen sister has been dishing out some very interesting roles recently, with last years Martha Marcy May Marlene, Silent House and the upcoming Red Lights, proving she is a great choice to play the female lead in Oldboy.

Further casting news came about yesterday, with the news that District 9’s Sharlto Copley has been approached, and is now in discussions to star as the films villain. Again, a great choice of actor because I feel Copley excelled in District 9. Coming out of nowhere he delivered one of 2009’s finest performances. He then went on to give a blistering performance as Murdock in 2010’s over-looked and hugely enjoyable film version of The A-Team. Should Copley take the role, Oldboy could well be leaning towards great things.

I am still dead against it though. Silly idea.

By Matt Wavish

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