Universal hires Prometheus writer to help re-boot their ‘Mummy’ franchise

It’s been over ten years since Universal last re-booted their beloved Mummy franchise, which started in 1932 with The Mummy which starred Boris Karloff. The company are now keen to give it another shot, and hopefully any thoughts of the 1999 Indiana Jones influenced film¬† and its sequels are well and truly behind them.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the The Mummy (1999) for what it was, and I quite enjoyed The Mummy Returns, but I would like to see it re-vitalised back as a more horror themed movie.

Universal have hired Prometheus and The Darkest Hour writer Jon Spaihts to pen the new film, and with his last two films being very much aimed at the more darker side of cinema, I am hoping this is an indication Universal wish to go back to the horror routes of The Mummy story.

However, the producer of Universal’s last collection of The Mummy re-boots, the Indiana Jones themed films, was Sean Daniel. He is back as producer on this new film, so we will have to keep our fingers crossed this doesn’t mean a return to the adventurous stuff, and most certainly not a return of Brendan Fraser.

Universal, a horror film if you please!!

By Matt Wavish

Matt Wavish
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