‘Avatar 2, 3 and possibly 4’ coming from James Cameron, but that is all you’re going to get!

There is no doubt about it, Avatar was a phenomenon at the cinema and went on to become one of the biggest movies of all time, so it is understandable that James Cameron would do a sequel, two in fact. It was announced some time ago that the director would be making Avatar 2 and 3, and possibly shooting them back to back. That has been confirmed, and the aim is to get Avatar 2 in cinemas for a December 2014 release.

However, during a recent visit to China’s Beijing Film Festival, Cameron made the announcement that he would only concentrate of Avatar films for the rest of his days as a filmmaker, check out his comments:

“I’ve divided my time over the last 16 years over deep ocean exploration and filmmaking. I’ve made two movies in 16 years, and I’ve done eight expeditions. Last year I basically completely disbanded my production company’s development arm. So I’m not interested in developing anything. I’m in theAvatar business. Period. That’s it. I’m makingAvatarAvatar 2Avatar 3, maybe Avatar 4, and I’m not going to produce other people’s movies for them. I’m not interested in taking scripts. And that all sounds I suppose a little bit restricted, but the point is I think within the Avatar landscape I can say everything I need to say that I think needs to be said, in terms of the state of the world and what I think we need to be doing about it. And doing it in an entertaining way. And anything I can’t say in that area, I want to say through documentaries, which I’m continuing.”

See, Avatar was good, but in my opinion was not up there with Cameron’s best, like Aliens, Terminator, The Abyss or even Titanic, so the news that he will only concentrate on Avatar films is a bit upsetting. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to see how he expands the Avatar universe, and the plan to have the second film based in Pandora’s Ocean’s is very intriguing, but the director is hugely talented, and it just seems a shame that he will just concentrate on these particular films. Hopefully he creates some really special sequels and I can them forgive him.

As for the news he will continue with documentaries, that is very welcome. I loved Aliens of the Deep, and the news he plans to release a documentary about his recent expedition to the deepest part of the Earth’s oceans is very exciting indeed. I suppose if a director does stick to what they love, and with Cameron’s power in movies to be able to do that and still get studio backing, then a happy director will produce magical films. Cameron has said what he wants to do, and no studio will be able to persuade him otherwise.

Cameron also gave a quick update on Avatar 2 and 3:

“We’ve spent the last year and a half on software development and pipeline development. The virtual production methodology was extremely prototypical on the first film. As then, no one had ever done it before and we didn’t even know for two and half years into it and $100 million into it if it was going to work. So we just wanted to make our lives a whole lot easier so that we can spend a little more of our brainpower on creativity. It was a very, very uphill battle on the first film. So we’ve been mostly working on the tool set, the production pipeline, setting up the new stages in Los Angeles, setting up the new visual effects pipeline in New Zealand, that sort of thing. And, by the way, writing. We haven’t gotten to the design stage yet. That’ll be the next.”

You can read the full interview here

By Matt Wavish

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