Charlize Theron says production is due to begin on ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ June 2nd!

Director George Miller has been promising a new Mad Max film for years. The director of all the previous Mad Max films has been desperate to get his fourth film moving, and way back in 2009 pre-production began, with the casting of Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy taking over from Mel Gibson. Filming was due to begin in 2010 in Australia, but sadly this was halted due to torrential rains affecting the area Miller wanted to film in. He then had to wait for the area to dry out so that he could film in an area which looked “desert-like”

Things have gone quiet since then, with Miller announcing the film would have to be pushed back until 2012. The only evidence that the film was still going ahead was the transport of some of the films souped-up vehicles to a new location in Namibia. However, when asked about when the film would be shooting, star Tom Hardy said a few months back that he had no idea.

Things have now changed, and Theron was able to give MTV’s Josh Harowitz some exciting news. Theron told MTV that filming was due to commence on 2nd June, that’s just next week! Greta news indeed that the new film is finally about to begin, however we will have to wait until next week to see if this is really true.

Good things do come out of bad, and with Mad Max: Fury Road being delayed, it allowed Theron to star in both Prometheus and Snow White & The Huntsman (previously she could not appear in these films due to schedule conflicts with Mad Max). Both these film are released next week here in the UK. You already know how excited I am about Prometheus, and there is no doubt Theron will add some real class to her role, but she too appears to dominate the clips and trailers for Snow White & The Huntsman, and that film in particular appears to have benefited from her presence.

(Source: MTV)

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