LATEST FILM NEWS: Don’t hold your breath for Zombie’s Werewolf Women flick!

Yep some more Rob Zombie news following on from yesterday’s leaked trailer of Lords Of Salem….

Ever since the “fake” trailer of Werewolf Women Of The SS was seen in “GRINDHOUSE”, fans of Zombie have been hoping that it will follow in the path of Machete and become a full length flim.

Sadly our Zombie has other ideas….

‘Werewolf Women of the SS’ was just what it was, it was a fake trailer for a Quentin Tarantino movie. That’s all it was ever supposed to be, it was never going to be a full movie”

He was asked then about the long rumoured Tyrannosaurus Rex film that he had wrote.  Again it was not good news.

Well neither of those are film projects I’m working on.  ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ is a script that I wrote, that I have but it’s not planned anytime soon. We finished ‘Lords of Salem’ and I’ll be doing music for the next year and a half within that year in a half maybe we’ll do ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ maybe not. I don’t know what the next movie is – we’ll figure that out.

Zombie did not mention nothing about a return to Haddonfield either.  It seems Lords Of Salem will be the last film he will direct for a while!

Ross Hughes

Ross Hughes
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