LATEST FILM NEWS: RAMBO V IS ON ITS WAY! Sly working on premise right now!

Rambo IV was already out before HCF was created but you can bet that I would have done one of my alternative reviews for the site.

Despite it being released to not that much critical acclaim, I loved the film for its dark tone and downright 18 rated violence and while I feel what went against it was the “Rocky Balboa” expectation, I know it was not as good as the final round of boxing we saw, it still done enough to show Sly Stallone at his very best!

Now if you remember, the end of Rambo saw the franchise come full circle, a fitting conclusion to a show that started way back in First Blood. But Stallone is not finished yet with the character.

Talking to MTV, he confirmed that Rambo V is coming!

“It’s one thing where you lay down the final culmination of you life. where you can articulate it, but also act on it where he realizes what his destiny really is, It’s not to be a farmer, it’s not to be obscure; it’s to go out in a blaze of glory in a heroic fashion. But is he really doing it for himself or is he doing it because that’s just his id? That’s who he is.

Ok! That seems a bit vague but I think he was suggesting that the end of the last film is not the way he wants the war hero to go out. Sly also confirmed where he wants the stage to be set and it seems “Mexico” is the idea!

“I’m working on a formula for it right now”, he revealed.

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