LATEST FILM NEWS: Slater to get STRANDED in ALIEN type horror flick!

There is nothing better than a horror set in space, it brings back memories of A L I E N. But then when you think of that classic Scott film that introduced the world to the character of Ripley, you mind starts to remember all other films like Supernova and Critters 4 that really makes you weep.

What the world needs is a new Sci Fi horror, what is that I hear you cry? What about Prometheus? Never heard of it… about this then…….STRANDED which is set to star number one box office star Christian Slater….

Battlefield: Earth director Roger Christian is the man at the helm and shooting is expected to start on July 3, 2012.

What is it about?

Well going by the director’s last comments I suppose its about an Alien let loose on a ship…..sounds like a film I can not quite put my finger on…..oh wait! That’s it Leprechaun In Space.

” Its quite scary. We don’t have a creature,” said director Christian “Our alien entity, which it is, is born on board. This woman gets pregnant and gives birth in a few days. It’s one of those weird things that happens very fast. The thing that’s on board imitates one of the crew members and takes him over… Our familiar character becomes the monster.

So that does not sound like The Thing meets A L I E N then….

More on this when it happens…

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