LATEST TV NEWS: Alcatraz closes its door for the final time as the axe swings…………

With no suprise really because everyone saw this coming, but in case you didn’t expect it…..the new “Lost” tv show ALCATRAZ has been axed after only one season.

Hopes of this filling the void left by that island mystery especially with the involvement of JJ Abrams have faded over the last few months with the viewing figures dipping each epiosde and while it did gain a hardcore base of fans, the show did not find much love universally and the expected axe comes on a weekend when the likes of Ringer and The Finder was also scrapped.

Patience seems to be the key here, with many not liking the slow burn mystery that the show was developing and these days TV Studios and the audience want instant success and answers.

LOST was lucky it came out when it did, because it may not have reached a second season judging by the rate of the way many shows are going. The negative of this news is that again it seems that viewers are not taking a punt on new shows because the chances are they will be axed.

Until patience is shown, then we are in an era where we could see more and more intriguing concepts axed long before they have a chance to shine, I mean Alcatraz showed enough hints to suggest that it could be something big there but now we will never ever know…..

Ross Hughes

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