Mark Ruffalo to play The Hulk in a further six Marvel films!!

While no actual films have been confirmed yet, Mark Ruffalo has signed a deal to play the Hulk in a further six films from Marvel, and this is very very good news. Fans have been praising Ruffalo’s superb portrayal of the angry green monster, and I personally loved the way his character played out the concerns of him getting angry. Even better was Tony Stark baiting Bruce Banner to get angry!

Regardless of the natural comedy brought to The Avengers Assemble, there was a superb dark side to Bruce Banner, a desperation and fear of his alter ego, and it would seem that after two films with different actors playing The Hulk, Ruffalo has finally got it right.

Ang Lee’s 2003 attempt was impressive for its time, and the effects were good but there was something missing. I was not a huge fan of Louis Letterier’s version either, although I can’t quite work out which one I felt was better. However, while Eric Bana and Edward Norton did their best, Ruffalo beat them hands down with his version, so a six movie deal is a very welcome piece of news!

“The experience was great,” Ruffalo told theCollider site during a video interview in which he revealed his six-film deal. “I really had a good time. It was fun, and I love that group of people.”

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently spoke to CinemaBlend: “There are not a lot of plans going forward,” Feige said. “The plan was make an Avengers movie where people like yourself came out of it saying, ‘I love the Hulk!’ If we’ve done that, that is a huge achievement. We have, as you can imagine, many, many options with Mark Ruffalo, so we’ll start to figure out when and what that will be.” He then explained that a solo film of The Hulk is not about to happen right away: “Frankly, it took a lot of time to get this version of the Hulk,” Feige continued. “So we’re not going to turn around and rush something and undo all that good will. So we’ll see, but the first step is being very encouraged and hoping that when the world sees the movie they react the same way to the Hulk.”

From the response, I think a Hulk solo film would be hugely popular, but I believe on the strength of The Avengers Assemble, just The Hulk appearing in the next Marvel film would be enough to boost interest. Either way, you cannot deny that The Hulk almost stole the show in The Avengers Assemble, and was a terrific creation of a wonderful character.

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