More monster movie mashup madness as the trailer for ‘Piranhaconda’ slithers online!

American World Pictures have just released the first trailer for their upcoming monster movie, Piranhaconda, and its brilliant! Full of the the Z-movie madness we love rom these types of films, the trailer delivers, and then some!

While no official synopsis has yet been released, do we really need one? It is pretty obvious there is a giant piranha crossed with an anaconda terrorising some of the usual bunch of fools, and I swear the waterfall scene is the same bloody pool I have seen in almost every one of these types of films! Ah, you gotta love it.

Piranhaconda will have its debut on the SyFy channel (naturally) on 16th June.

Directed by Jim Wynorski (Camel Spiders) and written by Mike Maclean (Sharktopus), the film stars Michael Madsen, Rachel Hunter, Shandi Finnessey and Terri Ivens.

The trailer is below, and I have also included the wonderful poster!

By Matt Wavish

Matt Wavish
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