‘Robocop’ remake casting update: Gary Oldman to play scientist who creates Robocop, good choice!

Add Gary Oldman to any film and I will watch it, and now it would seem that whether I wanted to watch the Robocop remake or not, I will now feel a duty to watch it. In all honesty, I am intrigued to see what director Jose Padilha can do with the remake, I mean the director made both Elite Squad and Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, two of the finest police thrillers to have ever come out of Brazil. The director certainly has incredible talent, I’ll give him that, so who knows, his new version of Robocop just might be good.

Don’t get me wrong though, I adore the original, and I don’t feel it can be bettered. However, if Padilha takes it in a new direction, and puts his mark on it, it just might work. While The Killing star Joel Kinnaman has already been added to play the role of Murphy/Robocop, no one else has been announced. There were rumours a month ago that Sean Penn, Edward Norton, Rebecca Hall and Gael Garcia Berna were possibly taking parts in the film, however nothing has yet been confirmed.

The rumours that Edward Norton may be playing a role have pretty much been destroyed by todays news. Norton was rumoured to be playing the role of Norton the scientist, however, it has been reported that Gary Oldman has signed on to play the role. Norton is the scientist who creates Robocop, and while in the original there wasn’t much from the Robocop creators themselves, I believe that with a star as big as Oldman taking the role, there could well be a strong story ahead between creator and creation?

No date has been set for the beginning of production, however a release date has been set. We can expect to see the Robocop remake in cinemas 9th August 2013. We will have more updates as soon as they become available.

By Matt Wavish

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