Sad news as both Kurt Russell and Sacha Baron Cohen depart from Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’

Some rather upsetting news has landed with regards to Tarantino’s new film, Django Unchained. Both Kurt Russell and Sacha Baron Cohen have left the project, which is currently filming and is due for release here in the UK on 18th January 2013.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s departure is due to him currently promoting his new film, The Dictator, and his busy schedule with the comedy which is released here in the UK on 16th May, has meant he couldn’t do both. Even though Cohen had a relatively small part, it is a shame as I was really looking forward to seeing what Tarantino could get out of him. He was due to play a character named Scotty, a sort of man-child who came to own Django’s wife.

Sadder news is that Kurt Russell has also left, in mysterious circumstances and no one really has any answers. Kurt Russell was due to play a vicious character named Ace Woody, a role already passed up by Kevin Costner. Woody’s character works for Leonardo DiCaprio’s villain Calvin Candie, as a slave trainer.

In true Tarantino fashion, he hasn’t let these set backs interfere with his film, and early reports were that he would drop Woody’s character altogether. However, reports today are claiming he will not exactly lose the character, but instead absorb him into Walton Goggins villainous role. Tarantino is re-writing bits of the scripts to allow the two roles to become one.

However, even though it would have been cool to see Russell in the role, the film still has a superb cast and it is very doubtful the loss of these actors will effect Tarantino’s vision. Sad news, but we still have a mighty film to look forward to.

By Matt Wavish

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