Shocking and intense new trailer arrives for Eduardo Sanchez’ new horror, ‘Lovely Molly’, be afraid!

Empire got their hands on an exclusive look at the brand new trailer for Lovely Molly, and we have it right here for you if you are brave enough! The film, which has received some very positive reviews during its recent festival run, is directed by Eduardo Sanchez, a director who will forever be remembered as one half of the Blair Witch Project team. Blair Witch pretty much kick started the found footage genre again, and while Lovely Molly is not technically a found footage film, there are plenty of moments using handheld camera to keep those fans happy.

The film itself looks superb, and every clip and trailer I have seen so far point to the fact this is going to be an interesting, original and incredibly frightening horror for those who like something a little different. However, keep it here for Sanchez’ next film, titled Exists. The director’s next horror WILL be found footage, and will focus on the legend of Bigfoot. For more on Exists, and tons more stuff on Lovely Molly, click here.

Written and directed by Sanchez, Lovely Molly stars Gretchen Lodge as Molly, alongside Johnny Lewis, Alexandra Holden, Ken Arnold and Brandon Thane Wilson. Lovely Molly arrives in selected UK cinemas on 22nd June.


When newlywed Molly Reynolds (Lodge) returns to her long-abandoned family home, reminders of a nightmarish childhood begin seeping into her new life. A malevolent force, whether her own haunted past or some supernatural ‘thing,’ tirelessly seeks to overwhelm her. Alone and isolated in a centuries-old manor, she soon begins an inexorable descent into depravity. Somewhere in the house, in the terrible space between psychosis and possession, lies an evil that will pull Molly and all those around her into darkness and death.

By Matt Wavish

(Source: Empire)

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