Spooky goings on from The Asylum as the first teaser trailer for ‘The Haunting of Whaley House’ arrives

We all know and love The Asylum for their sheer balls to do things in away never expected on such small budgets. Granted their films can often be too big for their own limitations, but god damn it at least they try! With films like 2-Headed Shark Attack, Almighty Thor, Titanic 2, Megashark VS Crocosaurus and Mega Shark VS Giant Octopus among some of their highlights, all eyes are on the distribution company to see if they can better their earlier haunted house effort, A Haunting in Salem (review)

Judging by what can be seen in the just released teaser trailer, The Haunting of Whaley House is going to delight fans on haunted houses. The production on this new spine tingler looks very impressive, and it is almost unrecognisable as an Asylum production, but it is. The teaser trailer is incredibly impressive, and this could well prove to be one of their most successful horror films yet!

Written and directed by Jose Prendes, The Haunting of Whaley House is expected to arrive in July.


Filmed in a real haunted house the film stars Stephanie Greco (Chemical Peel, Phoenix Falling) as lead character Penny, who is convinced by her friend Craig, played by Graham Denman (Sick Girl, Eyes of the Woods), to give him a private tour of the infamously haunted Whaley House. Along for the ride is Jake, Penny’s boyfriend, play by Alex Arleo (Celebrity Sex Tape, Barely Legal) and her best friends Vanessa, played by Arielle Brachfeld (The House That Jack Built, Chemical Peel), and Giselle, played by Carolina Groppa (Nannyland, Great American Dream). Once at the house they are joined by Craig’s cousin Ray, played by Jason Owsley (Spooks, Crackpot), who happens to be a huge ghost-hunting enthusiast, and world-renowned psychic Keith Drummond, played by Howard McNair (Cyborg Clone Rambocop 12, The Complex). They tag along to see if the house is really as haunted as they say it is, and needless to say, they all get a definitive answer.

By Matt Wavish

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