The Dead director Howard J. Ford’s next horror, ‘Indelible’, will be a supernatural tale of fear and tension

The Dead was one of the finest Zombie flicks to have come out in years, and if you don’t believe me then check out my review here. It is very exciting to hear that the British director is about to start work on a new horror, and while he intends to change direction from his last film, plot details are being heavily guarded at this point.

The Dead was made for$150,000 and went on to make $10 million worldwide, a huge success, and the director intends to follow that up with his new, supernatural tale called Indelible. Shooting is expected to begin in September, and the film has been acquired by the newly formed Armory Films. Ford also wrote the script, and the films production will be handled by both Armory Films and Mugshot Films.

“Indelible will not be just any supernatural thriller in the way some think a film like this will play out,” Ford said. “When they get to the end of this movie, audiences will not only have felt tension and fear, but I want it to drive thoughts in a way that will hit hard in the head and stay there long after the credits roll.”

More as it develops.

By Matt Wavish

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