Tom Cruise set to star in Universal’s reboot of ‘Van Helsing’

Still managing to hold on to his title of one of the worlds biggest actors, Tom Cruise has announced his latest role. With Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol being a huge success, and Rock of Ages just around the corner, fans are eager to see what he will be doing next.

Well, in a bizarre move, Cruise is heading back to horror as he prepares to take the lead role in Universal’s recently announced Van Helsing reboot. Cruise will be playing Abraham Van Helsing in the new film, and he will also produce. This is a strange one since back in 2010, Guillermo del Toro was attached to possibly direct a Van Helsing reboot, and Tom Cruise was being approached to star. Del Toro is completely off the project (bummer), but Cruise is now taking the lead under a new director.

The director has not been named, but the reboot comes from a deal recently made between Universal and writers/producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci’s K/O Paper Products production company. You can get all the information on that deal from a recent press release.

So there you have it, Cruise as Van Helsing, could it work?

By Matt Wavish

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