Tom Six declares “I will reveal all” in ‘The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence’

The last bit of news we heard about director Tom Six’s third and final Human Centipede film was this: Udo Kier was being approached to  take on the role of Dr Heiter, made famous by the ultra creepy Dieter Laser. If you recall, Laser is being sued by Six for pulling out of The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence at the last minute. Laser claims there was an issue with the script, which he says was only sent to him at the last minute.

No one knows for sure what happened, and it has not yet been confirmed if Kier will be taking on the role. Kier certainly makes a good choice, but right now your guess is as good as mine. As for what will happen in The Human Centipede 3, all we know so far is that both Dr Heiter from the first film, and Martin (played by Laurence R. Harvey) from the second will both be returning in a film which will make the previously banned Part 2 look like a Disney film.

Six recently took to Twitter to offer some bizarre hints at what the new film may offer:

“Yes twitters. What happened to Lindsay [played by Ashley C. Williams] stuck in between two corpses in #THC and Martin’s [played by Laurence R. Harvey] strange #THC2 ending?: I will reveal all in #THC3.”

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