Two rather bizarre and slightly unsettling clips released in preparation of the DVD release of apocalyptic horror ‘The Collapsed’

Director Justin McConnell’s chilling apocalyptic horror, The Collapsed, arrives here in the UK on the new date of 11th June courtesy of the wonderful Lionsgate. The film has received some superb word of mouth after its festival run last year, and many reviews have stated that the film is nothing short of brilliance.

In preparation of the films release here in the UK, I have found two new clips which have just been revealed to celebrate the US release on 5th June. Check out both clips below, and stick with them because both are full of menace, atmosphere and the sense of things being a little ‘off’. I hope you enjoy them. You can view the films trailer here

Directed by McConnell, the film was co-written by McConnell with Kevin Hutchinson. The cast includes John Fantasia, Steve Vieira, Anna Ross, Lise Moule and Vincent Thomas.


In the wake of the end of the world, a family of four desperately tries to survive against insurmountable odds. Their goal: escaping the city and traveling to the rural community they once called home, Dover’s Bend. The constant threat of a violent death forcing them to stay as far away from civilization as possible, they take to the forest, soon to discover the danger posed by other survivors may be the least of their worries.

By Matt Wavish

Matt Wavish
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