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Yatterman (2009)
Directed by Takashi Miike
Japanese Language with English Subtitles

Yatterman are a crime-fighting duo made up of Yatterman 1, a teenage mechanic also known as Gan (Sho Sakurai) and his girlfriend Ai-Chan (Saki Fukuda), aka Yatterman 2. Not exactly imaginative names but the characters themselves are likable enough, dressed in mechanic overalls and baker boy caps. They are aided by their robots Yatterwoof, a giant robot dog, and a cute, talkative robot named Toybotty. In all great cartoon and live action series, such as Pokemon and Power Rangers, there’s a set of  ‘bad guys’  who Yatterman must fight on a regular basis. Their sworn enemy are the scheming Doronbo gang led by Lady Doronjo (Kyoko Fukada)  who, in her leather outfit and fishnet stockings, is quite a saucy temptress. Her henchmen are dopey but talented rat-featured Boyackey (Katsuhisa Namase),  who constantly lusts for Lady Doronjo, and Tonzuraa (Kendo Kobayashi), a pig snouted aspiring wrestler. The Daranbos are summoned by their sworn master and God of Thieves, SkullObey, to track down all four missing pieces of the wish-granting Skull Stone but they must overcome Yatterman who’ll stop at nothing to protect the stones from evil’s grasp.

I’ve never seen the original 70’s anime this live action film is based upon, but comparing it to anime in general, Takashi Miike has masterfully brought the genre to life in all it’s colourful, over-the-top glory. Those thinking this is a kids film should think again, with titty machine guns and missiles, robots humping one another, Japanese schoolgirl fantasies and tree ‘erections’ are just some of the things that warrant this film a 15 certificate. None of the naughtiness is done in an intrusive way, far from it. Instead, it’s sugar-coated with icing and sprinkles and wrapped in a pretty, brightly coloured bow just like every other scene in this imaginative, crazy film.

Everything about Yatterman is fantasy at it’s best. The sets are teeming with character and just as animatedly decorated with every colour of the rainbow lighting up the screen. The characters all have straightforward personalities with equally simple goals but it’s when good confronts evil during the many fight scenes when then film is at it’s best. Yatterman’s weapons are limited to the Super-String Ball and Tickle Stick which both have the power of electricuting their foes, whereas the Doronbo have far more exciting mecha and weapons such as the squid ink gun and the aforementioned titty machine gun and missiles. Bad guys in most films have all the fun and Yatterman is no exception. To add the cherry on top to this delicious movie, there are the odd few musical numbers which will either have you dancing in your seat to the beat or pulling your hair out, depending on your disposition to cheesy ditties.

Nostalgia comes to mind when watching Yatterman. It has a certain charm that tugs at the inner child in you and if you let your mini-me run free then you’ll have a whale of a time.  Yatterman’s bursting with enthusiastic energy and takes you back to a time of playful innocence and for that hour and 50 minutes you’ll be captivated in a state of child-like euphoria. Yatterman is a refreshing creation with simple values which both young and old will enjoy.

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆

The Blu-Ray has 5.1 audio only and extras include teaser trailer, Cannes promo, cast and director interviews and gallery.

Yatterman Available To Rent and Buy at Bounty Films

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