Polanski meets Pulp Fiction by way of Schulz’ Peanuts, is how writer/director Peter Hearn has described his upcoming project Scrawl, which makes it sound like a very interesting beastie indeed.  Writing and directing are actually things that are not new to Hearn, who many years ago made two films called Appleseed Lake and Cross Eyes Waltz.  Now these were not of course horror, but contained a very wry sense of humour which appears to be also present and correct in Scrawl and is obviously Mr Hearn’s trademark.  Thinking about a project which had more commercial possibilities, Hearn, who is also a film production lecturer, has decided to use the opportunity of making a film with his students and make a very strange, very twisted and, from what I can tell, very original feature with distinct horror elements.

Scrawl will take the form of several different stories featuring folk who live in a block of flats, linked throughout by where they live and the fact that a psychopathic killer with no face and an old age pensioner are using them for their own ends.  The script for Scrawl appears to have had several incarnations and has now become so ambitious that Hearn has decided to expand the world of the film and make a short film called Motto which serves to not only introduce some of the characters that will appear in Scrawl but work as a kind of ‘trial run’ and raise the profile of the production.  I was lucky enough to view a rough cut of Motto and you can read my thoughts here;

In the meantime, with another short film called Kevin connected with the Scrawl universe due to be made by upcoming filmmaker Daniel O’ Brien and a graphic novel in the works by talented young artist Jay Boulton, it seems that the world of Scrawl is just getting bigger and bigger.

More on this intriguing project when it comes in……..

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