‘Eastern Promises’ sequel finally moving ahead with David Cronenberg returning to direct!

The brutal but brilliant Eastern Promises was the perfect film for David Cronenberg to follow his equally excellent A History of Violence. Both films saw the normally obscure director handle a more mainstream story, although managed to add his own signature nastiness to make sure the films stayed within his boundaries of acceptability. Ever since Eastern Promises was released in 2007, news of a sequel has been building, and now it would appear that the sequel is finally moving ahead.

Star of the first film, Viggo Mortensen, recently approved a script written by Steven Knight (who also wrote the first film) and thanks to his approval, the sequel is now in motion. The first film saw Mortensen play undercover agent Nikolai, which lead him to an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, and the sequel is due to concentrate even more on his character.

It also sounds like most of the makers of the first film will also be returning, with many of the cast as well. However, there are no plans as yet for a return of Naomi Watts’ character, however there are negotiations in place for the return of Vincent Cassell to reprise his role of Kirill.

With Cronenberg stating in an interview last year that he felt he was not finished with Nikolai’s story, the plan is to set  quite a lot of the sequel in Russia and it will focus heavily on Nikolai’s story. In the sequel he will now have moved up the crime ladder to the very top, working alongside his former bosses son Karill.

No other details are known at this time, but this is really exciting news, and it is one story we here at HCF will be following very closely.

By Matt Wavish

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