Father’s Day (2011) – On DVD From 11th June

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A Troma Release

A serial male rapist killer’s reign of terror ends when a man named Ahab shoots him in revenge for killing his father. Years down the line, fathers are once again being sodomised and murdered and only one man can send him back to the grave.

I’m not a huge Troma fan but I watch everything with an open mind. How I wish I hadn’t watched this at all. It’s a grubby little film with shoddy acting and characters you despise and will to die. The shots of faux penis and fat, hairy arses pumping away into the sweaty crack of another man is enough to make you vomit. The killer, the aptly named Chris Fuchman, is an overweight, gormless cripple who dribbles everywhere and has clearly not had a bath for at least a decade. His victims’ sons aren’t much better, with teenage Twink, also known by his deceased father as Andew, is a dirty numbskull who walks around in a cropped t-shirt and performs oral sex on middle-aged men to earn a few dollars. The supposed hero of the piece is Ahab, who witnessed the murder and buggery of his father as a young boy. Having seen too much, Fuchman sliced the poor lad’s eye open and since that fateful day, young Ahab wore an eyepatch and vowed to get revenge for his father. Having shot and killed Fuchman years later, he is surprised to find out from his mentor, Tromaville’s priest, that father’s are once again being raped in the town. Fuchman’s only appetite was for those who had fathered children, so Ahab returns with a young priest from the parish to stop Fuchman once again and this time for good. Whilst the opening scene with Ahab was grabbed my attention, the rest quickly go downhill with a terrible script and a dislikable character in that Ahab is self-centred and has a strange obsession with maple syrup.

The entire film has been created to gross out audiences whilst trying to make them laugh at the same time. I found Father’s Day to be unfunny tripe with grimy scenes amateurly filmed with lots of close up shots and quick edits which sometimes makes it hard to work out what is going on in the scene. The film wasn’t as repulsive as it had hoped to be, being a Troma flick, but of course it has scenes that are over the top and shocking to audiences who are not familiar with horror films that are shown nowadays such as Audition, Hostel and the like.

The film has had post production scratches and effects added to it to give the feel of 80’s Video Nasties which we loved to watch on VHS but Father’s Day is nowhere near like the exploitation favourites from years gone by. The storyline is weak with a lot of boring, dumb filler that lead to me checking how long the film had left to run. At 99 minutes, this film was too long with as little plot as they had. They could have created a better film if they had focussed more on the killings rather than the bromance Ahab, Twink and the young priest had going on.

With incest, suicide, murder, cannibalism and anal sex, this may entertain some people but I’m afraid I wasn’t one of them.

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆

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  1. You clearly have no sense of irony/satire/humour. I’m sad for you. You are missing out. May God have mercy on your soul.

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