Fox announces new release dates for ‘Apes and X-men’ sequels, and a ‘small’ Spielberg film called ‘Robopocalypse’

Fox announced new release dates yesterday for three of their biggest future films, so read on for the details and mark the dates down in your diaries. All three  films are being released in the first half on 2014, meaning Fox will have probably dominate the start of the year,  with the third massive release being pushed back almost a year to allow time for it to be finished .

First up is the Rise of the Planet of the Apes sequel, which has now received an official titled of ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’. Richard Wyatt is returning to direct, with Andy Serkis looking to reprise his role as Caeser, and Contagion and The Bourne Ultimatum scribe Scott Z. Burns on board to write the screenplay. The US date for the film has been set for Memorial Day on 23rd May 2014, and just to keep you interested, Wyatt has expressed his wishes to continue the story further with more films in the future.

Secondly is Matthew Vaughn’s as yet untitled X-Men: First Class sequel, which begins shooting in January one Jennifer Lawrence has finished filming The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire. Lawrence joins a returning cast of Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Nicholas Hoult. X-Men: The Last Stand writer Simon Kinberg is onboard to help write the new film, which Vaughn will no doubt be a part of as well. The US release date for this highly anticipated film is now set for 23rd July 2014.

The third, and final film to have a new release date announced is a little sci-fi project from a certain Steven Spielberg called Robopocalypse. Based on Daniel H. Wilson’s novel, the big budget spectacle is  the story of a sentient artificial intelligence that take over our global technology and begins a systemic attack on mankind. Just a small little film for Mr Spielberg there, no one will go and see it! The film has been pushed back from a scheduled 3rd July 2013 release to the new date of 25th April 2014, which should tie in nicely with the UK’s Easter holidays. The only other big competition for the film so far is Captain America 2 on 4th April, and Stretch Armstrong on the 11th, so basically Fox and Spielberg will dominate April. The slot of 3rd July 2013 has now been vacated for another massive Fox re-release, our next news story will have all the details.

By Matt Wavish

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