Liam Neeson will find them and kill them again in the first, action packed trailer for ‘Taken 2’

Liam Neeson returns as the man in need of a quiet life in Taken 2. He would get a quiet life too if nasty people would stop interfering with his life and taking random family members hostage! However, as we learnt in the first film, Neeson’s character Bryan Mills has a “particular set of skills” and he will punish those who decide to upset him, punish them and kill them without a second thought.

Now, while personally I believe the sequel should have seen Mills and Jack Bauer go head to head for ninety minutes, a pretty much identical film to the original will more than suffice. However, there is a twist here, and it would seem that Mills himself ends up being kidnapped, but I doubt the nasty men can hold him for long!

The debut trailer landed earlier, and you can view it at the bottom of this post. It is a whopper, full of blistering action, bone crunching violence and Neeson clearly relishing the fact he has returned to the role that pretty much re-invented him. I must also point out that Rade Serbedzija is a terrific choice for the villain Murad. He has appeared in over 150 films, and you may also recognise him from 24 too! If you are still struggling, then there is no doubt you will remember him as the “sneaky fucking Russian” Boris from Guy Ritchie’s classic Snatch.

Taken 2 arrives in UK cinemas 5th October.

The sequel will be directed by Olivier Megaton and will star Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace and newcomer Rade Sherbedgia is now joining the cast as Murad, the nasty villain of the film. In the original, one of the villains Neeson killed also had a Dad, and that man is Murad, and he has some special skills of his own. Murad has taken both Bryan Mills (Neeson) and his wife Lenore (Janssen) captive, and it is now up to daughter Kim (Grace) to free them. Clearly though we will get to see plenty of Bryan Mill’s skills too!

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