Nicolas Winding Refn to bring space babe ‘Barbarella’ to the small screen with planned TV series

Come on, what red blooded male (or female?) doesn’t enjoy a bit of 60’s ‘space-sploitation movie, Barbarella? The original film, based on Jean-Claude Forest’s comic books) was directed by Roger Vadim and became a cul favourite. Featuring the ultra sexy Jane Fonda as Brbarella, any excuse for her to remove her clothes were used, including those famous, wonderful opening credits as Barbarella removes her space gear while having her naked bits hidden by cleverly floating objects, the bastards!

Anyway, cheesy as the film was, it is still a favourite amongst genre fans (including myself) and rumours have been around for years of a remake. Thankfully news today points in the right direction as a remake is indeed on the cards, only this will be a TV series rather than a feature film. A weekly dose of Barbarella?? I’m there!!!

In even more promising news, Drive and Valhalla Rising director Nicolas Winding Refn is onboard to direct the pilot episode, and serve as a producer for the rest of the series. Whether he will continue to direct more episodes after the first is not yet known, but with so much on his schedule, including the remake of Logan’s Run and releasing Only God Forgives next year, the director is fairly busy.

Refn intends to bring the series to the screen with the help of Martha De Laurentiis, wife of the late Dino De Laurentiis who produced the original 1968 version. It was Laurentiis and his wife who bought the rights to the original film in 2007 and intended to get a remake made. Sadly it never happened, and it was in 2010 when Dino De Laurentiis passed away. His wife now has the chance to continue his legacy and will serve as executive producer alongside Refn.

Gaumont International Television, the company behind the upcoming Hannibal TV series, is behind the Barbarella adaptation. There is no word yet on story, or who will actually play Barbarella, however we will keep you posted.

(Source: Collider)

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