Rumours of possible ‘Star Trek 2’ villains ruled out by writer Roberto Orci

When Benedict Cumberbatch was announced as the villain of JJ Abrams sequel to his superb Star Trek movie, fans were going crazy at anticipation of exactly what villain he might be playing. While we are still no closer to finding out the truth, one of the writers and producers of the new film, Roberto Orci, has unveiled who it definitely will not be.

In a recent interview on the Ask Mr. Kern radio show, Orci confirmed that the villain would NOT be Gary Mitchell, Charlie X, Ruk or The Borg, however there was no mention of it not being Khan Noonien Singh. You may take from this what you want, however with Khan already at the top of fans list, you would think that if Khan was NOT the choice of villain, then Orci would have said? However, the filmmakers have continued to deny the rumours that Khan will be the new villain, so pretty much the villain really could be anyone. You could argue that what Oric said is just yet another neat little publicity trick to keep fans talking and guessing, or he may actually be stating fact, which raises the question again about Khan.

Whatever you may think, with no official plot details revealed and even the title hidden in secrecy (in true Abrams fashion), we are still no where near finding out anything concrete. In even more bizarre news, Oric said that the title of the new Star Trek film has a 75% chance of the words Star and Trek actually being in it.

By Matt Wavish

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