Stunning new, extended trailer arrives for ‘The Bourne Legacy’ which features lots of talks of Jason Bourne

Director Tony Gilroy’s sequel, The Bourne Legacy, has suddenly got seriously more exciting. The previous trailer was good, but this new trailer is terrific, with tons of thrilling action, some classic ‘Bourne’ style fights and stunts, Jeremy Renner looking more and more suited to the role, and we even get a mugshot of Matt Damon as a very young Jason Bourne! In fact, the name Jason Bourne dominates the first half of the trailer!

However, it is Aaron Cross (Renner) who we are here to see, and Renner looks fantastic in the role, and even though Matt Damon made Bourne who he was like no other could, Renner has taken over Aaron Cross and appears to have added his own persona to the new character. While many still complain at the film being called a Bourne film while not actually starring Bourne himself, this trailer certainly keeps the link in the name going, and Treadstone clearly feature prominently again.

It is good to see Rachel Weisz looking hotter than ever, Edward Norton appears to have got his screen presence back, and judging by the trailer the rest of the cast are all looking superb. Let’s not forget that this new film is directed by Tony Gilroy, the man who wrote the screenplay for all the previous Bourne films, so he has worked alongside the franchise from the start, and has plenty of experience to bring to his continuation of the story.

Directed by Tony Gilroy, who also penned the first three films, The Bourne Legacy is co-written by Tony and Dan Gilroy. Jeremy Renner plays CIA agent Aaron Cross, and appearing alongside him will be Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz, Oscar Isaac, Scott Glenn, Donna Murphy, Joan Allen, Albert Finney and David Strathairn.

The Bourne Legacy arrives in UK cinemas 13th August.


A story centered on a new CIA operative in the universe based on Robert Ludlum’s novels.

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