The trailer for SyFy’s ‘Bigfoot’ stamps its authority!!

Ah The Asylum and the SyFy channel, a match made in Z-movie heaven, and look what they have in store for us next! Bigfoot!!

The film is due to premiere on the SyFy channel this Saturday, and a DVD & Bluray release is planned for later in the year. The trailer landed yesterday to advertise the big event, and we have the trailer here for you to enjoy, and how can you not enjoy it, its awesome! Watching an enormous Bigfoot casually kicking over cars and smashing through buildings is a feast for the eyes!

The film is directed by actor  Bruce Davison (The Lords of Salem, Harry and the Hendersons) and he also appear in the film as Walt. Other impressive names are also in the cast, check out this incredible list: Danny Bonaduce (AKA “Danny Partridge” of “The Partridge Family”), Barry Williams (AKA “Greg Brady” of “The Brady Bunch”), Howard Hesseman (AKA “Dr. Johnny Fever” of “WKRP in Cincinnati”), Sherilyn Fenn (of “Twin Peaks”), Andre Royo (of “Fringe” and “The Wire”), 80’s rocker Billy Idol, and horror rocker Alice Cooper .

The plot see’s a DJ and a conservationist team work together to hunt the dangerous, and incredibly large Bigfoot!

The trailer is embedded below, apologies it is a bit small but it is all I could find.

By Matt Wavish

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