Chris Hemsworth to battle Steven Spielberg’s robot uprising in ‘Robopocalypse’

Who better to fight against a robot uprising than the almighty Thor himself? Deadline reported the other day “Spielberg met and now wants Hemsworth in his next helming effort Robopocalypse, the big technothriller which is sure to become the director’s next big global popcorn film.”

Steven Spielberg’s next big film was recently put back from 2013 to April 24th 2014, and could well be one of 2014’s biggest films. Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods, Cloverfield) has adapted the script from the novel by Daniel H. Wilson, and this we be the writers second chance to work with Hemsworth after they worked on The Cabin in the Woods.

After Thor, The Avengers, Snow White & The Huntsman and The Cabin in the Woods, Chris Hemsworth has become a reliable and rather popular actor, and seeing him pair up with a director like Spielberg only promises great things.

Robopocalypse see’s mankind over-run by their own creation, Robots, and centres on a number of different groups of humans who attempt to fight back.

By Matt Wavish

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