Comic-Con: As expected, Marvel updates on Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2 and some other projects…


What would Comic-Con be without updates from Marvel themselves, and as expected the comic giant was at the convention with plenty of information for fans, so let’s get started shall we!

First up was Iron Man 3 and the self proclaimed “King of Comic-Con” Robert Downey Jnr. In true fashion, RDJ arrived in fine style, dancing to the panel and looking very excited, and after asking the audience “How much do I love you, how much do you love me, why aren’t we watching any new footage yet?” new footage was played for attendees. The footage went down a storm, and it was this that many fans who had camped outside for days had come to see.

CinemaBlend posted their description of what they saw:

“Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) is in his technical laboratory. He asks Jarvis to cue up some seasonal music, and we get Run DMC’s Christmas in Hollis (confirming yet another Shane Black movie set at Christmas time). He’s suiting up, and he tries to summon his new armor … with his body. It doesn’t work at first. But then a glove flies over and attaches to Stark’s hand. He gradually calls more pieces, but they come flying at him at a rapid clip. At one point, the back plate hits him so hard that he almost falls over, but uses his gloves to right the ship. The last piece to fall into place is his face mask. To get it on properly, Stark has to fly and flip over, lands in the classic three-point Iron Man pose.

The audience goes crazy.

The next scene is Stark talking with Happy (Jon Favreau), who gets hell from Tony for quitting his job as bodyguard (apparently he was getting too much shit from friends about being the protector of Iron Man). Happy mentions that his grandmother lives in New York City, and jumped out of a two-story window when she saw a giant robotic snake coming out of the sky. So there are a lot of references to The Avengers. Happy even busts Starks chops for being one of “the Super Friends.” Funny stuff.

That’s the longest full scene. The rest is a montage of footage showing Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Rhodey (Don Cheadle). In one of the quick-cut shots, Pepper is picking up a banged-up Iron Man mask from a pile of rubble. We see newcomer Guy Pearce briefly, dressed in a suit, but it’s his powerful voice-over that damn near steals the footage. “Ladies, children,” Pearce says, “Some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher. Lesson number one: there is no such thing as heroes.” We then see a helicopter flying outside of Stark’s Malibu mansion, firing missiles. Pepper and Tony are blown backwards, as the mansion starts tumbling into the Pacific Ocean. The whole house is destroyed. Iron Man suits are blowing up in their pods. And Tony, now in a gold and red suit, is pulled with the wreckage into the sea”

Exciting stuff indeed, however that is not the end of it, for after the screen went black it then comes back to reveal and confirm that Sir Ben Kinglsey will indeed be playing The Mandarin:

“Close up of hands, with 10 rings. We pull back a little, and someone’s stroking a grey beard. From behind, we get a shot of this character cocking a pistol. And then it pulls back even further to give us our first shot of a bearded Sir Ben Kingsley in character as The Mandarin”

Iron Man fans there you have it, great news and with Marvel announcing that “Phase Two Begins Now!” at Comic-Con, it is time to get very excited all over again! However, there was more on Iron Man, and the convention was blessed with a collection of Iron Man suits outside from the preview night, and later on a new Iron Man suit was added, the suit for Iron Man 3. The image below shows the new suit at the front of the collection, and it features a lot more gold than Iron Man’s previous suits, check it out next.

Next up for Marvel was confirmation that Marvel were planning a new film set for release in August 2014, and that film would be Guardians of the Galaxy. A risky choice considering that the comics were relaunched in 2010 and cancelled after only 25 issues, however, read on for Marvel President Kevin Feige’s descriptions of each character. A banner was revealed (below) which shows each character, many of whom have a grudge against Thanos, the villain shown at the end of The Avengers.

Here is how Feige described each characters, from left to right:

Drax The Destroyer – An Earthling who was killed and resurrected as a knife-wielding green warrior devoted to battling Thanos (the alien death-dealer seen grinning at the end of theAvengers film.)

Groot – a giant, anthropomorphic tree-being (imagine a warrior version of the Ents from The Lord of the Rings.)

Star-Lord – Some people would call him a space cowboy. (Sorry, Steve Miller Band.) He’s a half-human, half-alien intergalactic sheriff whose special combat suit protects him in deep space as he draws his twin guns on evildoers.

Rocket Racoon – a genetically engineered critter from a planet used as a dumping ground for the insane. He may be small, but he carries a very big gun.

Gamora – Nicknamed “the most dangerous woman in the universe, she last of her alien species, adopted by Thanos (him again) and trained to be a weapon who does his dirty work.

Further news from Marvel came in two title changes for both Thor 2 and Captain America 2. First up is Thor 2, which is due to hit UK cinemas on 8th November 2013. The titled has now been changed to Thor 2: The Dark World which confirms rumours that the sequel will explore the darker side of Asgard. It was also confirmed that Zachary Levi would be taking over from Josh Dallas as Thor’s celestial pal Fandral.

And finally, there was more news on Captain America 2, itself receiving a titled change. The sequel has now been renamed as Captain America: The Winter Soldier. While not as intriguing as Thor’s The Dark World, it does indicate that Marvel a far from finished, and plan to continue their films for a great many sequels yet!

The subtitle ‘The Winter Soldier pretty much indicates that Captain America’s old pal Bucky (played by Sebastian Stan in the first movie) just might be returning here, but after being seen plummeting off the side of a train during a World War 2 raid in the first movie, in what capacity will he return? It is rumoured he will return as a brainwashed Russian assassin after being frozen. He just might return with no memory of who he was and with a bionic arm to replace the one he lost. In the comics the character was created by Marvel writer Ed Brubaker, who resurrected him years later in the comics in the same way as written above.

It is still a mystery as to just who The Winter Soldier will be and where the Captain America story will go, but I am sure Marvel will reveal all when they are good and ready.

(Sources: Collider, Empire, EW)

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