Darren Aronofsky posts first image of ‘Noah’s’ Ark, and more is revealed about the rather dark plot

There is a very long wait for Darren Aronofsky’s new biblical epic Noah, but that has not stopped the director teasing fans with the first ever image of the Ark. Principal photography is not due to start until the Autumn, with the film scheduled to arrive in UK cinemas on 28th March 2014, but Aronofsky recently posted a photo of his Ark being constructed.

The image is below, and it is great to see a director happy to build his set rather than go down the CGI route, which he could easily have done. You have to admire that in today’s world of movie-making, there are still directors out there happy  build such a massive creation.

In further news, more has been revealed about the films plot, and I must say even though we have already been told the film will be incredibly dark, this new news indicates something bordering on horror. The screenplay has been written by Aronofsky himself along with John Logan, and the story itself has already been published as a graphic novel. However, it has been published in French, but the synopsis has now arrived online, and we can share that with you after this next piece of truly amazing information in the story itself.

“It is a violent, freaky, scary world that Aronofsky and his co-writer Ari Handel have created. I’m particularly excited to see how Aronofsky brings to life the Watchers, eleven-foot-tall fallen angels with six arms and no wings. They have a major presence in the script, and they’re fascinating. Early on, when Noah needs to go see his grandfather, he has to move through the homeland of the Watchers, something that is not easy to do,” Drew McWeeney wrote, adding: “He’s written this as a serious look at our place on this planet and our rights as citizens of the world. I think it would be hard to pin this version of the story down to any one faith, and in shaking off the dusty respectability of the accepted version of the story, Aronofsky and Handel may have actually found a way to give it a stronger thematic resonance than I would have imagined.”

Now THAT is exciting stuff, trust Aronofsky to turn such a beloved tale into something so dark and sinister. Now, check out the synopsis for the graphic novel the film is based on:

His name is Noah. Far from the stereotype of the patriarch that one appends the character of the Bible, he looked like a warrior. He looks like a Mad Max out of the depths of time. In the world of Noah, pity has no place. He lives with his wife and three children in a land barren and hostile, in the grip of severe drought. A world marked by violence and barbarism, delivered to the savagery of the clans that draw their reason to survive from war and cruelty.

But Noah is like no other. This is a fighter and also a healer. He is subject to visions which announce the imminent end of the earth, swallowed by the waves of an endless deluge. Noah must notify his followers. If man is to survive, he must end the suffering inflicted on the planet and “treat the world with mercy”. However, no one is listening.

The tyrant Akkad, who Noah went to visit in the city of Bal-llim, chased him and sentenced him to flee. After consulting with his grandfather Methuselah, Noah decided to rally to his cause the terrible Giants and accomplish the task entrusted to him by the Creator…

The terrific cast includes Russell Crowe as Noah, Emma Watson, Ray Winstone, Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth and Nolan Gross. Anthony Hopkins recently signed on to play Methuselah, Noah’s Granfather who lived to the age of 969 and is known for being the longest-lived person named in the Bible. Methuselah died seven days before the Great Flood which made Noah build his Ark.

(Source: Indiewire)

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