First teaser trailer to celebrate ‘The Arrival of Wang’ is here, and DVD release announced for 8th October!!

The mysterious Italian sci-fi horror, The Arrival of Wang played at this years Frightfest in Glasgow back in February, and is also due to show at the big Frightfest event in August. Our resident artist David Gillespie attended Frightfest in Glasgow and watched the film, and you can read his review here.

Word of mouth is that The Arrival of Wang is very good, and personally I cannot wait to see it. Word has reached us today that the film is due to arrive on DVD here in the UK on 8th October, so best you get clicking on Amazon to pre-order the quite brilliant looking film. If you need further proof that the film should be pretty impressive, then check out the recent teaser trailer released below. Thankfully it does not give too much away, but promises something a little different.

Keep up to date with The Arrival of Wang at the films official Facebook page

The film is directed by Italian brothers Antonio and Marco Manetti (Paura 3D), and the pair also wrote the film.


Interpreter Gaia (Francesca Cuttica) is offered a fortune by security forces to use her Chinese-language skills on a very special, highly secretive job. Her curiosity means she accepts, and after being escorted to a secret location in Rome, she is locked inside a pitch-black room under the watchful eye of the domineering Inspector Curti (Ennio Fantastichini, Loose Cannons) where she is asked to interpret the harsh interrogation of the eponymous ‘Wang’. But who exactly is the mysterious visitor, and what does he want? Gaia uncovers some startling truths that not only jeopardise her position but could also threaten the future of Earth itself.

By Matt Wavish


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