Kill List director Ben Wheatley planning some large monster attacks in new film, ‘Freakshift’

Ben Wheatley, the genius British director behind possibly the finest film of last year, Kill List and also the gangster film which injected some brilliant originality, Down Terrace, is already moving ahead with his next film. After Kill List the director quickly moved forward to direct Sightseers, a film about a pair of sightseers travelling around the UK and killing people who interfere with their holiday. The ultra black comedy has confirmed that Wheatley truly is a national treasure, and he is quickly becoming one of the most talked about directors in the country. Sightseers had its premiere at Cannes earlier this year and it went down very very well. However, with Sightseers not due in UK cinemas until November 30th, the director is already making plans for his next film.

Freakshift sounds absolutely terrific, and totally insane and I cannot wait to see what Wheatley can pull off with such a fantastic idea. In January, Wheatley spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his plans for Freaskshift:  “It’s an adventure/sci-fi thing. It’s like ‘Hill Street Blues,’ ” Wheatley said. “It’s about a crew that’s built up this armored vehicle and they go out and have to respond to 911 calls about these big monsters that have come out of the ground.” He went on to describe the creatures: “They come out of the ground every night but there are different creatures — there are these massive half-monkey mutant things and loads of weird spiders and shit.”

Come on, how fucking amazing does that sound!!!

Wheatley co-wrote the film with Amy Jump, and he recently told Empire that his first American film needs a budget of $15 million, the biggest budget he has ever had, and proof that this film is BIG.

Variety reported: “Lava Bear is in exclusive negotiations to acquire monster action thriller “Freakshift,” which “Kill List” director Ben Wheatley will helm. Rook Films’ Andrew Starke, Claire Jones and Lava Bear will produce. Katherine Butler will exec produce via the Film4 banner which developed and co-financed the project.”

Freakshift is expected to begin shooting in Spring 2013, and here is the official logline for the awesome sounding film:

Freakshift “is set in a world where monsters rise from the ground and terrorize citizens when night falls. The Freakshift is a band of government-organized misfits and lawbreakers who hunt and kill the creatures for civic duty, sport and money.

HCF will be following this like our life depended on it, mark my words!

(Source: EW)

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