Marvel and Disney teaming up for ‘Big Hero 6’ movie

We all know that Marvel and Disney have The Avengers sequel in the pipeline, and we also know that Marvel have a number of movies on the way, including Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2. However, some news has been confirmed that the two giants are teaming up for an altogether different kind of superhero movie, one which will feature far lesser known hero’s, and it will also be animated.

With the Comic-Con festival fast approaching in the US, it is thought that both studio’s would have preferred to announce this news there, however with the internet being such a hungry place for knowledge, the confirmation has already been revealed. While news on Disney’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ live action adaptation is expected to be confirmed at the massive film festival, we can tell you that ‘Big Hero ‘6 is on the way.

Big Hero 6 is a collection of lesser known superhero’s, although they do have some impressive powers. You could argue that they are Japan’s answer to The Avengers, as here is another team of individuals with special powers, brought together to battle a massive enemy. The group have been brought together by the Japanese Government’s Giri Group, and here is who you can expect to see in the film: Silver Samurai leads the group, with his powers obviously being the fact he is a silver samurai, however he also has a history with Wolverine, we also have Sunfire who can use the Sun’s powers as his own, Hiro the 13 year old boy genius and his shape shifting robot Baymax, Honey Lemon who is a female warrior who can pull just about any weapon from her purse, and finally Go-Go Tomago, a female who wears a voice controlled suit that can fly as a ball of energy!

Clearly with the level of powers on offer it makes sense that this film be animated, although there has been no official word on who will be developing this. Eppect much more to be revealed at next weeks Comic-Con.

By Matt Wavish

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