‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ will spawn two sequels after opening day breaks box office records!

Whether you agree, or better still, enjoyed Marc Webb’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ or not, there will be no escape from the new version of the webslinger for at least another two films. I am sure many fans expected this news, but to come so quick has taken me a little by surprise.

It was announced on the films official Facebook page that Sony are now planning two sequels to the film, with their statement saying the film is the first part of a new Spider-Man trilogy. Here is what was said on the Facebook page:

The Amazing Spider-Man is the first instalment in a movie trilogy that will explore how our fave hero’s journey was shaped by the disappearance of his parents,”

This comes as no surprise that Sony want to make sequels, and trilogy’s are all the rage right now. This is the only piece of news we have on the sequels, so no director has yet been named. It would make sense for Andrew Garfield to return, in fact there would not be a reason to make any sequels without him so I suppose that is the only thing we know for sure right now. However, the films success over its first two days of release is the reason for the announcement, and has clearly got Sony excited.

The Amazing Spider-Man grossed $7.5 million during its midnight opening in the US, and with £1.2 million coming from IMAX screenings, it just goes to prove how easy it can be for films these days to break records. With fans paying out for either IMAX or 3D, the standard cinema ticket is not the only way for films to make money these days. It was also reported that the opening day of Spider-Man, which was Tuesday, grossed a whopping $35 million in the US (including money made from the midnight screenings), and this has set the record for the biggest Tuesday opening of all time. The film also surpassed Transformers which also opened on July 3rd.

Transformers went on to earn $155.4 million in its first six days of release, and with The Amazing Spider-Man already ahead, it is expected the film will easily meet Sony’s expectations of a six day gross of $110-120 million. Whether the film will continue to do well now the die hard fans have seen it remains to be seen, and while many are praising the film, there are still plenty out there who either dislike it, or refuse to see it because they feel it is too soon for a re-boot.

For now though, Spidey is flying high at the box office, and Sony are rubbing their hands together with glee. We will just have to wait and see how the film does for the rest of this week, and into its second week to fully understand if this will be a success, or whether those who were planning to see it have already done so. It is just over two weeks before the mighty The Dark Knight Rises arrives in cinemas, and if The Amazing Spider-Man has not done the business by then then God help it because it is Batman who will rule the summer.

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