‘Amityville Horror’ found footage prequel is on the way!

It seems that the horrific story of the Amityville Horror will never die, and while there are already a number of films in the works, there is always room for one more, right?

Well, yes, there is when you have an idea and actual witnesses to the paranormal events to back up your film, and the added bonus of a found footage presentation will get no complaints from me!  Producer Tony DeRosa Grund,executive chairman of Evergreen Media Group, is looking to bring a new version of The Amityville Horror to our screens. He plans on a prequel which will focus on the experiences of two reporters, Laura DiDio and Marvin Scott, who both investigated the house for New York TV station .

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DeRosa Grund has acquired the rights to DiDio and Scott’s account of a seance they took part in at the house on 6th March 1976.

As he tells it, DiDio was a 19-year-old cub reporter at the time, who tracked down the Lutzes through property records after they fled the house, and secured George Lutz’s permission to visit the house. Her resulting news report purportedly revealed ghostly presences, including that of a young boy, in the house.

Marvin and I are thrilled to be working with Tony and Evergreen,” DiDio said. “I lived through this horrific ordeal and I am the only prson who has the ability to tell the true Amityville prequel story in its entirety. Even after all these years, after what I personally experienced, there is nothing anyone could ever do or say to get me back in that house.”

DeRosa-Grund says he has tracked down a copy of the report, thought to be lost, and will take his presentation to studios and present his ideas for a found footage style film focusing on the seance. No director has been found yet, but the film will not only focus on the seance, but of the reporters investigations and what happened in the house before the Lutzes moved in.

Just to remind you, The Long Island community of Amityville, N.Y. is home to the infamous house in which Ronald DeFeo, Jr. murdered six members of his family in 1974, and George Lutz and his family, who moved into the house a year later, claim to have encountered paranormal horrors that forced them to abandon the property after just 28 days. The case became the subject of Jay Anson’s 1977 book “The Amityville Horror: A True Story” and ten movies, beginning with 1979’s The Amityville Horror.

“They discerned certain things during the sequence, which heretofore had not been corroborated,” DeRosa-Grund says. “With a lot of help from Laura and from the Catholic Church, we’ve been able to get confirmations and connective tissues, in terms of the evil and the origins of evil in the house that was there before the Lutzes moved in.”

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