BLOODSTORM (2012) (aka Nazis At The Center of the Earth) – On DVD from 6th August 2012

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BLOODSTORM (aka Nazis at the Center of the Earth) (2012)
Directed by Joseph J. Lawson
Written by Paul Bales
The Asylum Production

From the cult filmmaking production company THE ASYLUM comes Bloodstorm, released in the UK by Revolver Entertainment. Bloodstorm follows a group of scientists in Antarctica who embark upon a rescue mission to locate two missing crew members. Upon abseiling down a huge drop in the ice, the crew discover a beautiful land hidden below but what inhabits this tropical paradise is far worse, as the team soon find out.

In the US, this title is known by the name of Nazis At The Center of the Earth and so you can guess just who is waiting for the group. The reasons as to why they are there in the first place are much more interesting and for an Asylum production, this film explores many colourful and imaginative avenues that i don’t think has been seen before in their productions. Yes, this movie may just beat their flying Mega Shark eating a passenger jet.  Director Joseph Lawson and writer Paul Bales have somehow managed to craft a film that merges several different genres together and actually make it work. The film contains action, horror, romance, comedy and sci-fi and each compliments the film wonderfully, like a bowl of vanilla ice-cream with all the toppings. The Asylum have always made fun films but this is the feel good “horror” film of the year with it’s varied scope and intriguing plot lines. Having been accustomed to many of the modern film tropes, the majority of the time one can predict what is about to happen in the film these days. Bloodstorm is not one of these, with suprises coming at every turn that both shock and entertain in large doses.

I mentioned how Bloodstorm has a horror theme running through the film and let me tell you this, it doesn’t skimp on the gore. One of the shocking scenes, that can be witnessed in the trailer, involves a scientist who’s face is cut with a scalpel by Nazi Doctor, Josef Mengele (a terrific turn from Christopher Karl Johnson). We only see him slicing the scientist’s forehead but the after shot shows blood dripping from the rest of his face, implying otherwise. Oblivious to his screams, Dr Mengele rips off his face as if ripping off a wax strip. Ouch!

Of course the other genres populate the movie, especially science-fiction, and leading the cast of scientists into the unknown are Dr. Lucas Moss, played By Josh Allen, and Dr. Adrien Reistad, played by Jake Busey who looks more and more like his actor father each day. With the rest of the cast made up by a healthy mixture of both men and women, the cast are pretty likeable with the majority of the characters having their own unique personality and agenda.

The script for Bloodstorm isn’t brilliant, but I’ve seen worse and for an Asylum film, this is definitely one of the better ones with a far superior screenplay than some of their other works. As always CGI plays a part in the film and whilst at times it can be a little corny and obvious, it doesn’t detract from the ongoing plot and injects a bit of humour into the proceedings to compliment the comedic script and screenplay.

Having witnessed a handful of other horror and sci-fi movies this year, both low and big budget, Bloodstorm is one that has surprised and excited the movie fan in me with its passion for storytelling and variety in which it delivers its ideas. It’s not Oscar material and Asylum never set out to make it so, but it’s a damn energetic effort at creating an enjoyable piece of cinema and it achieves this on every level. If you enjoy Asylum films or not, you simply have to give this a watch and if you’re like me, you’ll be grinning right through to the end!

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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