Bryan Singer confirms title of ‘X-Men: First Class’ sequel, hints at storyline and links with previous X-Men films

While we all know the sequel to X-Men; First Class is due to begin shooting under the direction of Matthew Vaughn in January, we do not know the title of the film, or any plot details. However, in a recent interview with IGN, the producer of both First Class and the sequel, and the director of X-Men, Bryan Singer dropped a bombshell. He announced the sequels title which, if based on the comics, throws up some terrific ideas for the new film.

Here’s a snippet from Singer’s interview:

Question: You mentioned X-Men, and I just had to ask you because I’m a huge X-Men fan, what can you say about the new film coming out?

Bryan Singer:  I can say it’s being written right now and it will start shooting in a few months.  It’s going to be very ambitious.  It’s called Days of Future Past and it deals with aspects of that comic but also some very new things.   I just don’t want to give any of it away.  Matthew Vaughn will be directing and I’m totally excited about it. 

So, if the sequel is indeed called Days of Future Past then what does this mean? Well, it is based on a two-story comic from 1981, and here is the synopsis courtesy of Wkipedia:

“The storyline alternates between present day, in which the X-Men fight Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and a future timeline caused by the X-Men’s failure to prevent the Brotherhood from assassinating Senator Robert Kelly. In this future universe, Sentinels rule the United States, and mutants live in internment camps. The present-day X-Men are forewarned of the possible future by a future version of their teammate Kitty Pryde, whose mind traveled back in time and possessed her younger self to warn the X-Men. She succeeds in her mission and returns to the future, but despite her success, the future timeline still exists as an alternative timeline rather than as the actual future. (The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005 gave the numerical designation of “Days of Future Past” Earth as Earth-811)”

With the sequel jumping through timelines, it just might touch on the films Singer has already been involved with, and here is what Singer said about the possibility of the new film crossing over with his film:

Knowing the “Days of Future Past” story from the comics, that is a bold direction even if it’s a different version of it.  I know Simon [Kinberg] said at Comic-Con that it can touch upon the entire X-Men film franchise or respect the entire X-Men film franchise, so is there room for some sort of cross-overs?  More than we might have seen in the past?

Singer:  I think there’s a strong desire to broaden out the universe.  The X-Men universe on its own is every bit as big as the Marvel universe and I think it’s time to reach out and explore it and perhaps even bring some connectivity between the films, as Marvel’s done so well.  You may see some of that, I don’t know. [Laughs]

Singer has also hinted that the new film will feature some sort of Marvel “connectivity”. Apparently this news is being kept closely hidden so we will not comment on this exciting idea. What we can do is show you the full interview, and then you can make your own minds up.

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