Cold Prey directors latest shocker ‘Flukt (Escape)’ releases visually arresting full length trailer

We all know that director Roar Uthaug is capable of great things, as proved in his stunning horror Cold Prey. The director is back with a film on a much bigger scale, and the visuals here look amazing, with some terrific fight scenes, edge of your seat action and some truly gorgeous scenery.

Flukt, or Escape when translated into English, is about a family who fall fowl of some nasty bandits while trying to escape the black plague. The film stars Ingrid Bolso Berdal (who also starred in Cold Prey), alongside Tobias Santelmann and Kristian Espedal. Flukt is about to have its first release in its native Norway, and the rest of the world should follow soon. The trailer is embedded below, but sadly does not have English subtitles.


Ten years after the Black Death ravaged the country, a poor family is on a journey to find better living conditions. On a deserted mountain pass, they are attacked by a gang of ruthless outlaws. They only spare the life of the nineteen year old Signe. She is taken captive and the gang takes her back to their camp. Here she learns that she is intended a fate worse than death. Signe understands that the only solution is to escape.

By Matt Wavish

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